Oracle recently hosted the grand opening for the company’s brand new campus, which is located in southeast Austin and also has room for approximately 10,000 employees. This also means that if that many individuals end up coming to work for the company at that location, then Oracle will officially become one of the largest digital tech employers in the entire city.

The brand new campus also takes up around 40 acres of land and is situated alongside Lady Bird Lake. It also includes an office measuring 560,000 square feet, as well as a neighboring apartment building that houses a total of 295 units for both Oracle employees and members of the general public.

Employees in the new building will be able to enjoy all sorts of amenities, such as the following:


*Full-service restaurant

*Food truck parlor

*Fitness center

*Beach volleyball courts

*Basketball courts

*Flag football field

*B-cycle station

The new Oracle campus will also contain a conference center, innovation lab, tech bar, and much more.

The main focal points of the new campus will be customer experience and sales, and a program will also be featured designed to hire and train individuals who have recently graduated from college.

Oracle’s Next Generation Contact Center will also be launched. This is defined as being a customer experience initiative that helps to automate various types of administrative tasks to smooth out the sales process itself.

Austin’s mayor has gone on record of stating that the new Oracle campus will fit in very well in Austin.

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