Those who either want to start or have already started a small business always wonder whether or not they will actually need to hire a business lawyer. The big belief is that attorneys always charge high rates for their services, which a lot of small businesses can’t afford.

You don’t actually need an attorney to help with every aspect of your business; however, it’s always a good idea to hire one to help you whenever you need it.

Here is a list of the issues in which you will need the services of a business lawyer:

*Former employees suing you on the grounds of discrimination in either hiring or firing, or alleging that you provided a hostile work environment

*Environmental issues involving your business, even if your business didn’t cause the issue

*Negotiating the eventual sale of your company or acquiring another company or its assets

*Complaints or investigations being filed against your business by local, state, or federal government entities for violating any laws

*You’re seeking to make a “special allocation” of both profits and losses and also want to contribute property that’s appreciated to either your LLC agreement or partnership

Hiring a business attorney will also help to prevent any of these issue from happening in the first place. Even consulting with one is a good idea to consider, such as a consultation agreement, which will involve you doing most of the research, while the attorney provides legal guidance or review.

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