What Qualities Should a Candidate Have in Order to Be Successful in this Practice?

Those who recently graduate with tax degrees should have a knowledge of basic tax law. Even those who have been working in the field for 30 years or more still don’t know all there is to know about tax. This is because tax laws in the United States continue to change and become more complex.

Is There a Common Avenue Out of this Practice Area?

Those who work as tax lawyers, yet don’t want to necessarily practice in a firm, can transition to in-house companies that have their own tax departments or have need for in-house tax counsel. Government work with the Treasury Department, IRS, etc. is also possible.

What Do Some Tax Workers Hate About the Practice?

Those who end up transitioning to a different practice area or looking into non-legal careers typically don’t like how much research is involved in tax, and they wish to play a bigger role in whatever it is that they may be working on. It can also be extremely challenging to keep up with all of the constant tax law changes.

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