You may already know that immigrant visas (“permanent resident cards”) are the main way in which immigrants to the United States legally stay and work. The five types of United States work visas organize potential new residents of the United States by background, profession, education, specialized skills, and other considerations.

EB-1 Green Card (Outstanding Researchers, Multinational Executives and Extraordinary Aliens)

Hollister Legal Services’ business immigration lawyer works closely with you, our client, to help qualifying foreign citizens obtain employment-based green cards on the basis of the foreign citizen’s extraordinary ability, like being an outstanding professor, researcher, or multinational executive. This is the least common type of immigration visa simply because Pulitzer Prizes, Olymipc medals, Nobel Peace Prizes, and the like are not very common amongst the general population.

EB-2 Green Card (Professionals with Advanced Degrees and Exceptional Ability Persons)

The EB-2 category aids professionals with advanced degrees in becoming permanent residents of the United States. No permanent, full-time job offer is required for the EB-2 Green Card, which makes it very distinct from EB-3 Green Cards. The main example is a baccalaureate or foreign equivalent on top of 5 years of progressive work post-university. The Firm attentively helps prepare documents for foreign citizens with exceptional ability and professional workers who have a master’s or higher degree or a bachelor’s degree plus five years of progressive experience after obtaining their bachelor’s degree.

EB-3 Green Card (Professionals and Skilled Workers)

We diligently works with foreign citizen who qualify for EB-3 based green cards. The firm spends extensive time with prospective EB-3 green card candidates on passing the stringent labor certification requirements imposed by the U.S. Department of Labor in order to get United States work visas. The difficulty with this type of visa is that you must be performing a type of work for which there are not qualified workers already in the US. The labor certification process involves advertising the job to U.S. workers over a period of six months in away that is normal to the company and its industry to prove that jobs are not being taken away from American workers.

Immediate Relatives

Hollister Legal will assist green card holders and U.S. citizens assist spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, or even parents apply for a green card. However, if you or another family member are in the U.S. military, there may be special conditions like children being eligible for overseas or expedited naturalization. Applying for a spouse involves extensive paperwork and a carefully structured plan, and there are preference categories for relatives, so professional help is highly recommended to navigate the complex process.

U.S. Citizenship

Hollister Legal Services works closely with clients who are permanent residents and wish to apply for U.S. citizenship. We help navigate the sometimes confusing guidelines. For example, permanent residents must wait at least five years to apply for citizenship, but the two years on conditional residence can count towards the five years if you do the correct paperwork to become a permanent resident by the ned of it. We attentively help our clients build strong cases when the facts enable us to do so.

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