Is there a lawyer in your life you’d like to give a gift to this holiday season? Here are some ideas on what you could gift to hem.

1. Good-Quality Pen or Pen Set

Lawyers are constantly having to sign documents or write notes. Getting your lawyer a good pen or pen set would definitely be put to good use. There are numerous types of pens out there, so be sure to find one that would increase the look of professionalism for your lawyer. Consider looking into fountain pens, monogramed pens, or any luxury-brand of pen out there. As far as writing utensils that can be lost easily, the more the better.

2. Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Lawyers always have to do the most to ensure that their clients’ privacy is intact. Lawyers often need to make sure that documents are destroyed safely, securely, and quickly. Therefore, most end up using shredders to be sure that classified documents are rid of completely. In addition, getting your lawyer a shredder will help decrease the stress of maintaining this privacy for you and other clients if they doesn’t have one already. If they do, assistants or simply a shredder upgrade is still always a great option.

3. A Portable Bluetooth Keypad

While lawyers are often required to write on pen and paper, if you know your lawyer is particularly tech-savvy with a tablet, consider getting them a portable keyboard to go along with it. As useful and efficient as tablets can be, it can also be hard to quickly type on a smaller touch-screen surface as opposed to a computer keyboard with buttons your lawyer may be more used to. Above all, this portable keyboard will make your lawyer’s life easier, and their work more efficient. Make sure it’s connected through bluetooth, so no extra wires are needed (and it looks neater and more professional!)

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