A Texas corporate lawyer sued Apple last month. He claimed that the FaceTime bug allowed someone to listen in to a confidential conversation with a client. This lawyer was the first to sue Apple over this bug. Since then, there have been a few others to sue due to the same issue.

This would definitely be troubling news to any type of lawyer. Keeping conversations confidential and private is one of the most important aspects of law. A lawyer should be a person you can trust with telling your side of the story, goals, or anything they may need to know to help you.

What was the bug?

In the iPhone software update iOS 12.1, a person could call someone over FaceTime. Then, they could hear what they were saying or doing even if the call was not ongoing. This could happen even if, and especially if, the call was declined. There was also a glitch that allowed an even further breach of privacy. This glitch allowed someone see through the camera of a person’s phone without them knowing. Essentially, someone could call you and have a one-sided FaceTime call, where you didn’t know they were listening, or watching.

Was the bug fixed?

Fortunately, Apple was able to quickly fix this bug by issuing a new update later that week. However, Apple was still hit with more lawsuits. And while the bug was fixed, this update took away the group FaceTime feature. At the moment, the feature will be gone until further notice. However, if any users are still worried about the bug being used on them through FaceTime, there is also an option to turn off FaceTime in settings so that it doesn’t happen to them. It’s definitely a smart idea for lawyers and their clients to consider as a safety measure.

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