Most big Austin businesses, when planning to expand, end up needing an Austin business lawyer for one reason or another during that expansion period and onward. When a business become big enough to reach Forbes or become household, even if it’s a local household, name, whether or not the business owners may feel like they need a lawyer for tax or business structure reasons, they might at that point need one in case they run into trouble. You know what they say– if you’re being sued, it’s too late. Those planning to go big get bigger protection, prevention, advice, and so on, that can all be provided by a lawyer.

Austin is known for being a great epicenter of small businesses. There are many moments throughout a new Austinite’s life when they are surprised– and then eventually less surprised– to find out that one of their favorite companies started in their town. Here are some of those businesses that started small, and then went big and expanded to be extremely successful, and thus getting a lawyer (or even multiple) in the process.


Chuy’s is a Tex-Mex restaurant chain that began here in Austin, Texas in April of 1982. Chuy’s focuses on bringing an authentic Tex-Mex flavor from different areas of Texas and Mexico to customers now all around the country. By the 2000s, Chuy’s had about 15 restaurants opened around Texas, and when the late 2000s came around, they realized their dream and began with their first restaurant outside of Texas in Tennessee in 2009. The company now has 102 locations in 19 states, but despite this amazing growth in just a few decades, Chuy’s is still heralded as a great Austin restaurant.

Tiff’s Treats

Tiff’s Treats is a bakery and delivery chain founded by two students at the University of Texas at Austin. The idea started when Tiffany made cookies in her boyfriend’s apartment and worked with him to deliver them to students by taking orders through cellphone. Tiff’s Treats now specializes in delivering all kinda of cookies and especially during late hours. Founded in 1999, Tiff’s Treats has now expanded to serve multiple Areas in Texas outside of Austin, as well as in the states of Georgia and Tennessee, operating 48 storefronts total and employing thousands of people.

And of course, manny students at the University of Texas at Austin still get fresh cookies delivered to them every day. “Tiff’s Treats is my go-to for a fun party or snack,” says Kevin Dalton, a sophomore at the University of Texas. “I get it as a gift for people, and sometimes I just treat myself because they are truly some of the best cookies I’ve had.” One of the hallmarks of an Austin-founded business is that no matter how corporate they may become, the heart of the company is still there, and the traditions it was built around stand the test of time.

Kendra Scott Jewelry

Kendra Scott moved to Austin by herself at age 19, starting her own jewelry collection at home with $500 and then walking from store to store around Austin to sell her designs to local boutiques. Her designs were an immediate hit, and she had to sell all her jewelry that first day to cover the price of the orders she made. In 2002, Kendra Scott LLC was officially founded, and by 2005 her jewelry began appearing in fashion shows. She opened her first store in Austin in 2010, and is now valued at over $1 billion, selling other items such as home accessories and nail polish. While there are 75 retail stores for Kendra Scott, it is also a booming e-commerce business, sold in stores such as Selfridges and Nordstrom, and also sold at over 600 boutiques in the US.

Since expanding, Kendra Scott has been well-known for philanthropy, donating millions of dollars and pieces of jewelry towards women and children’s causes. However, Scott’s helping hand doesn’t stop there. “A friend of mine mentored under the higher-ups of Kendra Scott for his senior year of high school.” Justin Morris tells us. “At the end of his mentorship, he put on a fundraiser at a San Antonio Kendra Scott location that benefitted both the company and the school he attended. Alongside this, if you bought Kendra Scott jewelry during the fundraiser using a code, it was donated to his school. I personally think that is very unique. It is usually like a Chick-Fil-A or Chuck E. Cheese thing for school fundraisers but seeing a jewelry company do this is so innovative. Although I did not participate in the fundraiser, I have much respect for the company and their willingness to work alongside people who are interested in the business world.”

Even though Kendra Scott has expanded a lot over the past few years, it seems that she still hasn’t forgotten her roots as a girl who moved to Austin by herself with a dream, and enjoys helping others with their dreams, also, maintaining that grassroots, Austin-bred integrity even through immense corporate growth.

Whole Foods Market

In 1978, two college drop-outs started a small natural foods store, so short on money that they lived in the store and showered in the dishwasher with an attached water hose. Two years later, they merged with another grocery store, and by 1984, Whole Foods Market expanded outside of Austin. Today, Whole foods has 497 stores not only in America, but also in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Whole Foods has recently become notorious in the business world for its big merger with Amazon. Experts say that this merger will mean that supermarkets as a whole will have to change their ways. With the merger came new ways of efficiency when it comes to grocery shopping that soon, people will not want to go without. But one thing is for sure– this merger could not have happened without a good lawyer for this Austin-born company.


Dell began when Michael Dell, another entrepreneur from the University of Texas at Austin, began selling computer parts and computers from his dorm room. Dell eventually dropped out to pursue his business ambitions, and a year later, had built his first computer of his own design. The company grossed more than $73 million in that first year, and has been rapidly expanding everr since.

Today, Dell is now one of the largest technological corporations in the world, but it started right here in Austin. Students at UT Austin definitely feel the impact of Michael Dell’s ideas and innovations today. “I’m so glad dell has expanded because it went from a local Austin business to a global empire. I remember using dell computers throughout elementary school and now I get to attend school right where they started up. It’s a cool full circle moment.” says Brooklyn Younkin, noting how inspired she feels knowing that small ideas right here in Austin can become big.

While all these start-up stories are inspiring in different ways, one thing is for certain: none of these companies could have gotten to the size they are at today without using a business lawyer to seal multiple deals.

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