Oftentimes, a vast majority of consumers find themselves in the mood to spend money. This is the reason why business owners should do everything that they can to encourage them to spend that same money with their own businesses.

Here are three of the best marketing ideas to consider for the new year.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best new year marketing ideas is a “New Year, New Product” promotion. This time of year is always great to encourage your customers to think about trying something new, and with this kind of promotion, that’s something that can be achieved, regardless of whether you’re looking to promote a current product or releasing a new product. If your business is one that offers services, consider offering a brand new bundle of services and explain what your customers can obtain from this kind of package.

*Another of the best marketing ideas to consider for the new year is an “Inspiring Quotes” contest. Oftentimes, people generally consider the new year as a time to refresh and motivate themselves. As result, let your customers know that you’re holding a special contest in which you’re inviting them to share all of their favorite inspiring quotes. From there, host the contest on social media and ask your customers to share the quotes and get fans involved by asking them to vote for their favorites, which you can use as a way to select a winner.

*One other great marketing idea to think about for the new year is a “Post-New Year” promotion. This kind of promotion involves offering a special discount or sale that extends into the new year. In order to ensure that things are kept as simple as possible, consider offering your customers 10% off a single item and issue the promotion by both text and social media.