Holiday Marketing Ideas. Before you know it, the end of the year will soon be upon us, which can mean only one thing for retailers: the biggest money-making time of the year is here.

Competition is always more or less ramped up during this specific time of year, and this year in particular promises to be especially busy. In fact, the National Retail Federation indicates that the upcoming holiday season is “expected to be healthy even with recent inflationary challenges,” with sales in both November and December expected to increase between 6% to 8% over last year.

NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay has stated the following:

“While consumers are feeling the pressure of inflation and higher prices, and while there is continued stratification with consumer spending and behavior among households at different income levels, consumers remain resilient and continue to engage in commerce. In the fact of these challenges, many households will supplement spending with savings and credit to provide a cushion and result in a positive holiday season.”

Here are three of the best strategies involving holiday marketing to consider implementing.

Holiday Marketing Strategies Texas

*One useful strategy is to reward those who shop early during the holidays. Many shoppers begin their purchasing early, and according to the NRF, approximately 49% of shoppers complete their shopping prior to the month of November. Since so many are taking to completing their shopping sooner instead of later, you will need to make your way to the front of their radar as early as you possibly can, meaning you shouldn’t wait to begin all of your promotions and campaigns. For instance, start sending your holiday-related messages weeks before December 25, as well as launching early bird campaigns in order to convince shoppers to buy. This is something that can also serve you well in terms of logistics, meaning that it’s much better to spread out fulfilling orders over a number of weeks instead of attempting to fill a large volume of orders as the end of the season approaches.

Holiday Marketing Slogans

*Social media is also an extremely important factor involving holiday marketing strategies. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are especially important in terms of product discovery. In fact, a poll conducted by Meta discovered that approximately 8 in 10 consumers indicated they used a Facebook mobile app or another service for discovery during the holiday season in 2020. A similar trend is expected this year as well, meaning that you should make it a point to increase your social media strategies. Focus on creating holiday-specific content in order to engage your followers and fans, as well as promoting product discovery via showcasing merchandise and incorporating holiday-related messaging.

*Holiday Marketing Ideas. It’s also important to not forget about marketing involving gift cards. These are always a huge deal during the holiday season, with this year being no different. In fact, Statista states that gift cards remain the top gift that consumers typically spend money on during the holiday season, so make sure that you stock up on them as soon as possible. You will also want to display them in areas with higher traffic, such as bestseller displays and checkout counters. In the event that you’re selling gift cards online, it’s a good idea to also consider promoting gift certificates that are able to be printed out by customers at home.